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with Immersive VR Solutions

Since 1998, we've been dedicated to empowering customers across industries

with tailored immersive VR solutions that transcend boundaries, optimize costs, and unlock new possibilities.

Trust us to create your ultimate digital transformation or creative solution and unlock your full potential.


VOTANIC Limited is a technology start-up with vision in research and development of cutting-edge technology in virtual reality (VR) providing support to different communities and VR users.

  • VR Total Solution

    VR Total Solution

    VOTANIC is dedicated to bringing highly customisable VR total soluion to clients across different industries to support their varied needs in business operations, training, or research.

  • I mmersive CAVE System

    Immersive CAVE System

    VOTANIC's high performance immersive VR system features state-of-the-art technology enables users to collaboratively observe, interact, and manipulate naturally in a photorealistic virtual environment.

  • 360° DOME System

    360° DOME System

    VOTANIC's imseDOME creates a social experience where dozens of people can have a shared 360 VR immersive experience together comfortably settled under the dome.


VOTANIC's versatile VR solutions create engaging and transformative business operations, training, or research experience across different industries.

  • Professional Training

    Professional Training

    Cost effective tailor-made VR or MR solution brings experiential training to learn complex procedure in real life-like virtual environment.

  • Education


    Fast and highly engaging learning experience which empowers students to learn-by-doing in the interactive immersive virtual environment.

  • Healthcare & Rehabilitation

    Healthcare & Rehabilitation

    Master medical skills in virtual environment before going out to the field. Exercises designed by professionals to accelerate patients‘ rehabilitation process.

  • Aviation & Logistics

    Aviation & Logistics

    Enhanced skills transfer and greater knowledge retention by learning critical skills in aviation and logistics operations in photorealistic mixed reality.

  • Safety & Security

    Safety & Security

    Simulate dangerous or catastrophic scenarios in the safety of the virtual environment and learn how to react and make decisions in these crucial moments.

  • Art & Entertainment

    Art & Entertainment

    Getting up-and-personal with art creations in an infinite virtual space and lose yourself in the immersive entertainment experience with full-body experience.


Over the past decades, VOTANIC's state-of-the-art VR solutions was entrusted and praised by numerous highly respectable organizations.