VR Solutions

VR Total Solution Consultation

VOTANIC is dedicated to bring highly customisable VR total solution to clients across industries to support their diverse needs in business operations, training, and research needs. With a team of talented artists, developers, and engineers, VOTANIC is passionate about bringing novel and innovative virtual reality solutions that attune to the clients’ specification. Start by understanding the fundamental issue, VOTANIC's masterful VR storytellers are able to breakdown complex problems into simple interactions, creating a holistic VR solution that realises the client’s vision.

  • VR Total Solution

    Mixed Reality Safety Training at MTR Academy

    The flexible and interactive nature of our VR CAVE training solution provides the staff with better tools to educate the trainees on MTR's daily operations in a safe and engaging manner.

  • Immersive CAVE System

    Safety and Procedural Training for HKE

    With the use of our VR CAVE training solution, the potential risks and emergencies in power stations can be simulated for the site staff to learn and practice in a low-risk setting.

  • 360° DOME System

    DBS 150th Anniversary Exhibition

    The project digitised various student artworks using the photogrammetry technique and created several engaging interactive VR experiences, such as virtual art exhibition and interactive VR game utilising several of their artworks.


Immersive CAVE System

The affordable high-performance imseCAVE (pronounced as I M S E Cave) and low-cost high-performance vCAVE (pronounced as V Cave) systems are the brainchildren of the research team led by Dr Henry Lau and Dr Leith Chan from The University of Hong Kong. The CAVE is a projection-based room-sized immersive VR system that enables users to collaboratively observe, interact, and manipulate naturally with virtual and real-world objects in life-size scale.

Spanning over 20 years of research and development, VOTANIC’s CAVE systems evolved over several generations and was praised by many for its cost-effectiveness in solving issues that would otherwise be too difficult, costly, or dangerous to deal with through conventional approaches. The imseCAVE and vCAVE are highly versatile and reconfigurable VR systems currently deployed in a wide range of organizations. With built-in integration to a wide range of peripheral devices and accessories, the CAVE systems are infinitely expandable and can be easily adopted into different virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) applications to suit the needs of different use cases.

  • 360 Immersive Future Cinema

    360° Immersive LED Future Cinema at HKBU

    World's first 360° immersive LED System for artists to demonstrate their interactive art projects providing an unique immersive experience.

  • HKMU Immersive CAVE System

    360° and 270° vCAVE systems at HKMU

    Large scale CAVE systems for showcasing artworks in both interactive 2D and immersive interactive 3D offering unique art appreciation experience.

  • Airbridge Training System

    Aircraft Loading Bridge Operations Training

    An immersive and complete experience for simulation ALB operations featuring motion platform to further enhance the driving experience of the ALB in the virtual world.

360° DOME System

Unlike the highly immersive and individualised CAVE experience, the DOME is a shared social experience where dozens of people are comfortably settled under the dome seeing and experiencing a 360 VR immersive experience together. The imseDOME (pronounced as I M S E Dome) features extra high resolution with edge-blended images from multiple projectors which can play 360 movies as well as real-time interactive applications. The audiences are completely surrounded by computer-generated images and immersed into virtual worlds. With a small footprint which fits inside a minivan, the imseDOME can be brought around and set up by a small team, bringing 360 immersive experience to dozens of audiences in just half a day.

  • VR Total Solution

    HKU VR Salon

    This Dome is set up to promote VR technology in HKU and provide a leisure environment at the Global Lounge for students all over the world.

  • Immersive CAVE System

    Rinato Eco Floral

    The Dome is set up in the heart of an underprivileged community to serve the underprivileged youth.

  • 360° DOME System


    The Dome is set up at the exhibition to provide an immersive and leisure environment to the visitors to understand the history of RTHK.

  • VR Total Solution

    Cost Effective

    Affordable system empowering transcendent experiential training through simulating events that are costly to experience in real life.

  • I mmersive CAVE System

    High Performance

    Interactive virtual environment creating authentic experience that brings greater engagement in training and education.

  • 360° DOME System

    Scalable & Versatile

    Expandable and open system architecture designed to accommodate requirements of all generic and domain-specific use cases.

  • VR Total Solution

    Embodied Interaction

    Natural physical interaction which blends the physical world and a virtual world with no boundaries.

  • I mmersive CAVE System


    Integrated innovative system combining cutting-edge technologies delivering unique immersive VR experience.

  • 360° DOME System

    Full Body Immersion

    Experience and interact with the virtual environment with your full body for greater sense of presence.